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10-4 Teddy Bear Wheelchair Foundation (International: Pierrefonds, QC)

The foundation’s purpose is to purchase wheelchairs for children whose parents cannot afford them. It is set up across Canada as well as the United States.

Ability First Ottawa (Local: Ottawa, ON)

Ability First Ottawa works to assist persons with disabilities to reach their goals in employment skills, recreation, social skills and art. To encourage and inspire persons with disabilities to reach their full potential and dreams.

Ability Online (National: Etobicoke, ON)

Ability Online Support Network is a vibrant online community for youth and young adults of all abilities. Parents and Professionals are welcome too. Membership is free and the online experience is safe, secure & monitored. Learning modules are designed to help our members develop self-esteem, confidence & increased independence. Our role models and mentors inspire our members to be the best that they can be!

Ability Society of Alberta

A province-wide not-for-profit agency providing information, education, and access to advanced technology to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities, in any age group, with any type of disability – physical or cognitive.

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Access Pro Bono – Mental Health Program (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

Access Pro Bono (APB), a nonprofit organization, administers the Mental Health Program. This program enables lawyers and law students work together to represent involuntarily detained persons at tribunals who are unable to represent themselves.

Access Visual Art (AVA) (Ontario)

Access Visual Art (AVA) is an online information resource dedicated to providing physical accessibility information about Ontario’s art venues. This resource includes image-rich and detailed reports gathered from surveys and site audits, presenting up-to-date profiles on the accessibility features of venues such as museums, galleries, studios, theatres and other facilities used by the visual arts sector.

Accessible Housing Society

Accessible Housing sees a future where everyone has a home and belongs in community. We do this by opening doors to homes that are accessible and affordable for people with limited mobility.

Acclaim Health (Regional: Oakville, ON)

A charitable organization that offers a variety of health and care programs, including community support services. Our volunteers enrich the lives of frail or isolated seniors and/or adults, through support and friendship, during friendly visits or telephone conversations.

Active Living Alliance for Canadians

Active Living Resource Centre for Ontarians with a Disability (ALRC) (Regional: Kitchener, ON)

ALRC is the one-stop source for facts on active living, practical resources, an interactive website, and “how-to” materials that enable individuals with disabilities, their families, or caregivers to access information.

Adaptive Technologies Research Centre

AdaptAbilities (Local: Edmonton, AB)

Adaptabilities is a registered charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a variety of goal-directed respite programs for children and adults with special needs. They focus on individuals and create an environment where participants have an opportunity to increase self-esteem, gain independence, develop social relations, and foster a sense of community.

Advocate For Appropriate Special Education at School (AFASE) (Regional: Pickering, ON)

AFASE at School provides special education advocacy and consulting services to parents and guardians who have exceptional children. They are empowered by current, customized information that enables them to articulate their children’s needs to school board administrators in a way that is both assertive and collaborative.

Alberta Association for Community Living (AACL)

A family based, nonprofit organization representing thousands of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

Alberta Guide Dog Services (Regional: Calgary, AB)

Alberta Guide Dog Services holds the aims and objectives of improved availability and increased level of service and to provide life-long aftercare and support at no cost to clients through the provision of professionally trained guide dogs for blind and visually impaired residents of Alberta.

Alcohol Babies Anonymous (National: St. Catharines, ON)

Alcohol Babies Anonymous provides confidential support to families affected by prenatal alcohol brain injuries (FASD). In addition to group meetings and information referral, the organization cooperates with community agencies for public education, advocacy and prevention initiatives related to this disability.

Alternative Residences Alternatives Inc. (Local: Moncton, NB)

Alternative Residences Alternatives Inc. (since 1984) is the largest charitable organization in Moncton, NB providing shelter, support services and amenities for individuals dealing with mental illness. The organization works collaboratively, with individualized assessment, and is recovery-oriented.

Angel Emergency Alert Non-Profit Organization

Angel Emergency Alert Non-Profit Organization provides support for children, elderly and vulnerable individuals in low-income situations, who cannot afford a personal emergency device and corresponding monthly monitoring service, by covering all or partial expenses on their behalf.

ARCH: A Legal Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities

A nonprofit community legal clinic, dedicated to defending the rights of people with disabilities in Ontario. Fifty consumer and voluntary organizations are members.

Artists Without Barriers (Regional: Toronto, ON)

This organization works to stablish fully-access/able studio spaces for artists living with mobility and communication dis/Abilities and to provide formal and informal art instruction through Individualized Portfolio Development Consultations, Group Critiques, Visiting Artists, and Outings to Arts and Cultural Events.

Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre (Local: Red Deer, AB)

Aspire is a charitable organization providing hope to children with special needs, as well as the families who love them and the communities that care for them. They offer services for ages birth to 12 years.

Association du Syndrome de Usher du Québec (Regional: Montreal, QC)

This organization provides French language services to people suffering from Usher Syndrome, which causes both hearing loss and blindness. Their services include providing tactile interpreters and service support providers, organizing social events, investigating specific technology, and facilitating a workshop for SSP and interpreters for the Deaf-Blind.

Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI) (National: Calgary, AB)

Works to improve the quality of life of individuals with an acquired brain injury through long-term personalized rehabilitation.

Astonished! Inc. (Local: Regina, SK)

This organization works in inclusive community to address barriers facing young adults with complex physical disAbilities (core members) by creating opportunities for teaching and learning, social, recreational and cultural engagement, and for employment and housing.

ATN (Local: London, ON)

ATN helps adults with disabilities grow and reach new heights in their career potential. We provide English and math upgrading, job search skills, computer training, and preparation for a variety of jobs. Quality of life programs are also offered.

Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary (Local: Calgary, AB)

The Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary provides social, life and recreation skill training for children and youth on the Autism/Aspergers/PDD (ASD) spectrum. They recognize that everyone has unique social abilities and work to expand on those skills.

Autism Dogs Services (National: Brantford, ON)

This organization’s mission is to foster the integration of children with autism by training, placing and supporting dogs that offer safety, companionship and independence.

Autism Society Ontario (Regional: Toronto, ON)

Autism Society Ontario is committed to creating acceptance and opportunities for all people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There are 29 chapters across Ontario that provide education and support for parents and professionals involved with ASD.

Autism Support Dogs (Regional: Delta, BC)

This group provides trained support dogs for families with an autistic child (aged 4 to 10) at no charge to the family. Each partnership is different, but the benefits for the child often include decreased anxiety, improved social skills, and reduced likelihood of bolting. Autism Support Dogs is a sister charity of BC and Alberta Guide Dog Services.

Autism Treatment Services of Canada

A national affiliation of organizations that provides treatment, educational, management and consultative services to people with autism and related disorders across Canada.

BALANCE (Local: Toronto, ON)

A nonprofit agency helping people with vision loss. Their programs include income support, employment services, language programs, adaptive technology support, and recreation and health facilities.

Best Buddies Canada (National: Toronto, ON)

Best Buddies Canada is a national charitable organization dedicated to enhancing our communities through one-to-one friendships between individuals with intellectual disabilities and students.

Bethesda Christian Association (Regional: Abbotsford, BC)

Bethesda Christian Association is a nonprofit registered charity that provides an array of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Bethesda provides services throughout British Columbia including: Supported Independent Living, Home Share, Bethesda Homes, Intentional Community, Affordable Housing, Community Inclusion, Employment Services, Family Support Services and Summer Camps.

Between Friends Club (Local: Calgary, AB)

A charitable organization that provides year round recreational and social programs for youth with disabilities, ages 5 – 30. The club is unique in that it provides opportunities for all youth, no matter what their disability, in an integrated setting.

Blind Beginnings (Local: New Westminster, BC)

Blind Beginnings is a charitable organization whose mission is that children and youth who are blind or visually impaired will have the necessary opportunities, experiences, and family and community support to reach their full potential.

Blind Kids Art (Local: Toronto, ON)

Blind Kids Art’s mission is to enable blind and visually impaired children to express their creativity and experience art firsthand, free of charge, to become independent and confident through creating art, and to have a future career choice.

Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf

Located in Toronto, the mission of the centre is to provide opportunities for a higher quality of life for deaf people while preserving and promoting their language and culture. Many services and programs are offered: Sign Language Services which provides classes in American Sign Language to the hearing community; Happy Hands Preschool; Adult Residential Services; Supportive Independent Living Program; Seniors Services; Adult Education and Training; Vocational Training and Volunteer Services.

Brain Injury Association of Prince Edward Island (BIAPEI) (Regional: Charlottetown, PEI)

The Brain Injury Association of Prince Edward Island (BIAPEI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promote and contribute to an environment in Prince Edward Island that is both responsive to the needs of people affected by a brain injury, and which promotes brain injury prevention. We actively contribute to the well-being of brain injury survivors and families in a safe, supportive, and healthy environment.

Brain Injury Community Re-entry (Niagara) Inc. (BICR) (Regional: St. Catharines, ON)

BICR is a nonprofit organization that provides support services and rehabilitation to individuals living with the effects of an acquired brain injury. It provides support and leadership to individuals, their families and/or caregivers within the Niagara Region.

Bridge to Care (Local: Stony Plain, AB)

Bridge to Care is an operational member of New Hope Missions and is involved in service activities that includes healthcare and community support services in Canada. Bridge to Care has a long and vibrant history of providing community health and support services to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds when, where and how they want it.

Bright Beginnings Autism Services (Local: Cobourg, ON)

Bright Beginnings, provides program supervision to families who have hired their own instructors or therapists to run in-home programming. They provide service to both private and government-funded clients with specialized, psychologist-supervised, intensive behavioural intervention/applied behavioural analysis.

British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society (BCANDS) (Regional: Victoria, BC)

The British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society (BCANDS) is an award-winning, provincial, not-for-profit, charitable society serving the unique and diverse health, disability and health information, resource and support service needs of the Aboriginal population of British Columbia. BCANDS is a “stand alone” organization and the only organization of its type in Canada.

BC Association for Community Living (BCACL)

A province-wide, non-profit federation working to ensure children and adults with developmental disabilities are able to live quality lives in their communities.

BC Association of Professionals with Disabilities (Regional: Victoria, BC)

Dedicated to maximizing the inclusion, job retention, and advancement of current and future BC professionals with disabilities. Supports professionals with disabilities no matter what their career field, title, or current employment status or situation may be.

BC Guide Dog Services (Regional: Delta, BC)

BC Guide Dog Services is a registered charity that breeds, raises and trains guide dogs for blind and visually impaired people. BC Guide Dog Services receives no government funding and is totally dependent on voluntary contributions through the generosity of foundations, corporations, special events, service clubs and private individuals.

BC Interior Independent Living Resource Centre

Provides information, referral, peer support, skills training, and advocacy to people with disabilities throughout the BC Interior.

BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

Provides programs and services designed specifically to promote self esteem and self confidence, including a camp program that offers safe, fun activities designed to build confidence and independence in a recreational environment.

BC Rehab Foundation (Local: Vancouver, BC)

BC Rehab was created in 1994 with a mission to support people with physical disabilities through education, research, arts, recreation, and wellness programs. We celebrate and support people with physical disabilities in their determined efforts to strive towards their own form of independence.

BC Self Advocacy Foundation (Regional: New Westminster, BC)

The BC Self Advocacy Foundation was formed in 1985. Their sole purpose is to assist people with developmental disabilities to become full, participating citizens in their own communities. They provide plain language information on advocating for your rights, community workshops and community grants.

BC Wheelchair Sports (Regional: Richmond, BC)

BC Wheelchair Sports is a not-for-profit organization devoted to providing opportunities for athletes with physical disabilities.

BUILT Network (Local: Calgary, AB)

This organization works to empower individuals by providing them with personal and professional skills, in a supportive environment, which leads to increased self-esteem, confidence, and self-reliance. BUILT Network is an employment program aimed at providing participants with skills they will need to be successful in today’s marketplace.

Calgary Alternative Support Services (CASS) (Local: Calgary, AB)

C.A.S.S. is a not-for-profit agency that offers community support services to people with disabilities in the Calgary area.

Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network (Local: Calgary, AB)

The Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network is a committee comprised of a group of key stakeholders whose mission is to develop FASD resources and initiatives for supporting communities, families and individuals. They offer mentoring programs, the Circle of Friends youth program, and organize FASD Day in Calgary.

Calgary Association of Self Help (Local: Calgary, AB)

A community mental health rehabilitation centre that provides client-centered, flexible services promoting the abilities of adults with mental illness. This is accomplished through our rehabilitation, counselling and social/leisure programs.

Calgary Learning Centre (Local: Calgary, AB)

The Calgary Learning Centre provides diagnosis and support services for individuals with learning difficulties, low literacy skills, and attention difficulties such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD). The web site also offers easily accessible, free, online seminars.

Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation (Local: Calgary, AB)

This organization works to promote self-sufficiency and growth within adults who have a disAbility. This is achieved through Community Presence and Participation, Skill and Image Enhancement, Autonomy and Empowerment.

Camp Awakening (Regional: Toronto, ON)

Camp Awakening is a registered charity that operates residential camp programs for children ages 9 to 18 with physical disabilities. As a charity, they also raise funds to assist parents in covering the costs of the two programs.

Camp Health Hope & Happiness Society

The society exists to provide safe and rewarding recreational opportunities to children and adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Camp Towhee (Regional: Toronto, ON)

Camp Towhee is a therapeutic residential program for children and adolescents with learning disabilities who experience social, emotional, and behavioural problems. Located on a beautiful lakefront property in Haliburton, Ontario, Camp Towhee provides the perfect environment for making new friends and experiencing success.

Camp Winston

Camp Winston operates a residential recreational summer programme for campers diagnosed with complex Tourette syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, learning disabilities and autism. Camp Winston also provides behaviour management and skills workshops and various weekend retreats.

Camphill Communities Ontario

Family life imbued with the feeling of commitment and belonging is the cornerstone of life at Camphill Communities Ontario, which includes adults with developmental disabilities. Offering cultural, vocational and creative outlets, Camphill creates a balanced life for its residents.

Canadian Abilities Foundation

The organization works to provide information, inspiration and opportunity to Canadians with disabilities, their families, friends and the entire spectrum of professionals working in their service. CAF also publishes Abilities Magazine and operates EnableLink.

Canadian Association for Community Living (National: Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Association for Community Living is Canada’s national association dedicated to promoting the participation of people with intellectual disabilities in all aspects community life.

Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (National: Barrie, ON)

Founded in 1976 as a nationally registered charitable organization, CADS is dedicated to assisting individuals with a disability to lead richer and fuller lives through active participation in the recreational and competitive snow skiing and snowboarding.

Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing, National Capital Division

A volunteer based organization having as its main objective the promotion of skiing for persons with a disability in order to promote full integration into society.

Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities (National: Victoria, BC)

Dedicated to maximizing the inclusion, job retention, and advancement of current and future professionals with disabilities. Supports professionals with disabilities no matter what their career field, title, or current employment status or situation may be.

Canadian Centre on Disability Studies

A consumer-directed, university affiliated centre dedicated to research, education and information dissemination on disability issues. Through our activities we promote full and equal participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of society.

The Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) – National Office (National: Ottawa, ON)

The Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) was founded in 1944 by blind war veterans and schools of the blind. All officers and directors are blind or visually impaired which gives a unique sensitivity to the needs of the blind community. The CCB deals with the ongoing effects of blindness with specific programs to encourage active participation in local communities, education, sports and recreation, and employment.

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work is a Canada-wide network of organizations and individuals. Through partnerships, innovation, advocacy and education, CCRW strives to open up the workforce and to promote and support meaningful and equitable employment of people with disabilities.

Canadian CRPS Chatville

An online community for those with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS) or any of its alias: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy(RSD), Raynaud’s, Causalgia, Sudeck’s, Neurovascular Dystrophy, and anyone with undiagnosed chronic burning pain. Share and learn about CRPS in a supportive and friendly environment.

Canadian Deafblind and Rubella Association – BC Chapter (Regional: New Westminster, BC)

CDBRA-BC offers intervention, programs, services and advocacy that help to break the isolation of deafblindness. CDBRA-BC believes that individualized lifelong intervention is a right for every person who is deafblind and that all individuals who are deafblind should live in a safe, healthy environment and have the self respect and dignity due every Canadian.

Canadian Deafblind Association, Ontario Chapter (Regional: Brantford, ON)

Canadian Deafblind Association, Ontario Chapter is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the lives of people who are deafblind through support, services, awareness, recognition, and intervention.

Canadian Disabled Individuals Association (CDIA) (National: Vancouver, BC)

CDIA is an organization created and driven by disabled individuals. We are an unbiased group with the disabled community as our priority. Our goal is to provide a voice for all disabilities and conditions, educate our population and provide advocacy.

Canadian Down Syndrome Society

CDSS is a national, non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for all individuals who have Down syndrome.

Canadian Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association

Works to provide a quality hockey program for all persons with disabilities who have limited upper body strength and/or mobility, who could significantly benefit from the use of an electric wheelchair in competitive sport.

Canadian Federation of the Blind (CFB) (National: Victoria, BC)

The Canadian Federation of the Blind (CFB) is a nonprofit organization that promotes the independence, empowerment, and equality of blind people. The organization promotes the importance of learning blindness skills such as Braille, travel with the long white cane, and a positive attitude about blindness.

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind

Works to assist visually impaired Canadians with their mobility by providing and training them in the use of professionally trained guide dogs.

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association

The only organization in the province which serves the hard of hearing exclusively. Its objectives are to improve the quality of life of hard of hearing people of all ages through its programs and services, to promote understanding of the prevalence, causes, and prevention of hearing loss, and to advocate for accessibility for hard of hearing people in public places.

Canadian Hearing Society (National: Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Hearing Society is the leading provider of services, products and information that remove barriers to communication; advance hearing health; and promote equity for people who are culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing.

Canadian Helen Keller Centre (CHKC) (National: Toronto, ON)

CHKC provides free training in skills of daily living and technology to individuals who have become Deaf-Blind. These programs help individuals to increase and maintain their independence and autonomy, access services in the community, and decrease isolation.

Canadian Mental Health Association – Vancouver/Burnaby Branch (Local: Vancouver, BC)

The Canadian Mental Health Association is a national, voluntary organization committed to promoting mental health through education, prevention, and advocacy.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Canadian Neuropathy Association (International: Pefferlaw, ON)

We are a nonprofit organization and a registered charity whose mandate is ‘Education, Research, and Support’.

Canadian Paralympic Committee

Canadian RSD Network

Provides information about complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), offers support to individuals and families living with CRPS, provide advocacy, and recommends health care professionals who have shown interest and/or expertise in the area of treatment and awareness of CRPS.

Canadian Special Olympics

Canadian Wheelchair Basketball Association

Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association

Canines with a Cause (Local: Ottawa, ON)

A 100% volunteer based charity dedicated to train Assistance Dogs for people with mobility related disabilities as well focused on educating and creating awareness in the community regarding the important role these specially trained dogs play in our society.

Canucks Autism Network (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

This organization assists families in BC living with autism by providing high quality recreational, sports, social, and vocational development programs for individuals and families affected by autism.

Capital City Condors (Local: Ottawa, ON)

The Capital City Condors are a family of ice hockey teams for those who are unable to play on any other hockey team due to a developmental disability. Players are ages 6 and up, of all ability levels and are each given a high degree of personal care and attention by the Condors on-ice coaches.

Capital City Volunteers (Local: Victoria, BC)

Provides one to one volunteer outreach services to help seniors with disabilities stay independent in their own homes in the municipality of Victoria, BC.

cbm Canada (International: Stouffville, ON)

cbm Canada is a Christian, international development organization focusing on people with disabilities. They join Canadians with people living with or affected by disabilities in the poorest communities, allowing them to work together for the benefit of all humanity.

Centra Cam Vocational Training Association (Local: Camrose, AB)

Centra Cam was founded in 1979 as a not-for-profit organization with a mission to help people with developmental disabilities through training and skills development. The association has expanded to also provide services and employment opportunities through our programs and businesses.

C.A.R.E(Centre D’activites Recreatives et Educatives (Local: Montreal, QC)

The C.A.R.E. Centre is a nonprofit charitable organization in Montreal, Quebec, that provides a recreational and educational day program for adults with physical disabilities. The C.A.R.E. Centre offers services to adults over the age of 21 with physical disabilities.

Centre for Education and Training (Local: Mississauga, ON)

The Employment Potential Unlimited (EPU) program will assist people with disability in achieving their employment objectives by providing them employment services related to resume and cover letter writing; mock interviews; labour market information and information on other employment-related resources.

Centre of Excellence for Children & Adolescents with Special Needs (Thunder Bay, ON)

Our mission is to ensure that advanced knowledge about children and adolescents with special needs living in rural, remote, and northern locations is disseminated effectively to those who need it most.

Centre d’Intégration la vie active (CIVA) (Local: Montreal, QC)

The CIVA sponsors, promotes and develops programs to help persons with physical disabilities to actively interact with their communities. We offer cultural activities, adapted sports such as wheelchair basketball or powerchair soccer, youth projects and social integration activities.

Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta (CPAA)

Dedicated to supporting and enriching the lives of people affected by cerebral palsy. The CPAA has various programs designed to meet the needs of the cerebral palsy community.

Cerebral Palsy Association of B.C.

Works to promote and enhance an environment where individuals with cerebral palsy are able to maximize their potential and improve their lives. They accomplish this mission through: advocacy, networking, educating members of the public about cerebral palsy and implementing programs for individuals with cerebral palsy.

CharterAbility (Regional: Oakville, ON)

CharterAbility was founded to promote accessible boating and provide a barrier-free, fully accessible, charter boat service on Lake Ontario for groups of people of all ages with disabilities or mobility impairments.

Champions Career Centre (Local: Calgary, AB)

Champions Career Centre is a leader in shifting the perceptions of disabilities in the workplace through employment supports, education, and advocacy. They are committed to creating more inclusive diverse workplaces where all individuals are respected, valued and appreciated.

CharterAbility (Regional: Oakville, ON)

A registered charity currently operating two accessible pontoon boats, within Oakville Harbour and Sixteen Mile Creek, to provide Free Boat Cruises, from an accessible dock, to disabled persons, physically, mentally or age challenged residents or visitors to Ontario.

Cheshire London

Based in London, Ontario, the organization’s mission is to assist people with physical disabilities to live independently in the community by providing attendant services and accessible, affordable housing in a manner which enables individual responsibility, participation and integration into community life.

Children’s Ability Fund

A small local charity in Alberta that provides equipment for people with disabilities.

Children’s Link Society (Local: Calgary, AB)

Staffed by parents that have been there, The Children’s Link Society is Calgary’s first and only special needs connection. Whether newly diagnosed or struggling through critical life events, our service connects parents with the services they need, when they need it.

Christian Horizons (Regional: Kitchener, ON)

Christian Horizons is a nonprofit, Christian organization that seeks to reach out with supports and friendship to persons who have exceptional needs. Its purpose is to contribute to the exceptional person’s quality of life by addressing his/her spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and physical needs.

Christy’s Integration (Local: Ottawa, ON)

This organization works to assist persons with disabilities to reach their goals in employment skills, recreation, social skills and art, as well as to encourage and inspire persons with disabilities to reach their full potential and dreams

Chrysalis — An Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities

A society dedicated to enabling citizens with disabilities to participate fully in the community.

Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa (Local: Ottawa, ON)

Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa sets up one-to-one matches between volunteer advocates and people with disabilities. They support people with a wide range of disabilities including physical limitations, developmental delays, mental illness, and disabilities related to aging.

Citizens with Disabilities – Ontario (Regional: Thunder Bay, ON)

Citizens With Disabilities – Ontario (CWDO) actively promotes the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of persons with disabilities through community development, social action, and member support and referral.

Coalition of Persons with Disabilities – Newfoundland Labrador (COD-NL) (Regional: St. John’s, NL)

Operating at the provincial and local levels, COD-NL is a systemic advocacy organization concerned with all persons with disabilities, promoting their rights and raising public awareness of their needs. COD-NL is proactive in working to improve legislation and services at all government levels and networking with national and regional groups to support independence and foster positive self-concept of its members.

Common Ground Co-operative (Local: Toronto, ON)

Common Ground Co-operative brings together community resources to provide long-term employment to people with intellectual disabilities. We believe that given proper support, these individuals are capable of learning how to form and operate business partnerships. Currently, Common Ground Co-op supports Lemon & Allspice Cookery and the Coffee Shed business enterprises.

Communicaid for Hearing-Impaired Persons (CHIP) (Local: Montreal, QC)

A nonprofit volunteer organization that is working to make life a little easier for the hearing-impaired in Montreal. We offer classes in lip-reading and signed English, and run a resource centre of assistive listening devices.

Community Association for Riders with Disabilities (Local: Toronto, ON)

CARD provides therapy in the fields of cognitive therapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation, medicine, and adapted sport. CARD’s therapeutic horseback riding program benefits riders who seek physical or cognitive therapies, who have a variety of disabilities.

Community Care Haliburton County

A nonprofit organization whose mission is to enable seniors 55+ and/or physically disabled adults 18+ to remain independent in their own homes for a longer period, and to cooperate with others in the county to create an awareness of client needs and enhance the quality of their life.

Community Care Peterborough (Local: Peterborough, ON)

Provides volunteer-based support services throughout Peterborough County and City. Services are provided to help seniors (age 55+) and adults (age 18+) with physical challenges to remain independent in their homes.

Community Care Durham (Regional: Port Perry, ON)

A nonprofit organization that provides support services to adults and their caregivers in Durham Region who have needs related to physical disability, aging, and/or mental health. Their mission is to help people live at home with a network of support in caring communities.

Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes (Regional: Bobcaygeon, ON)

Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes is a health and community support agency which provides a range of services designed to promote health for all ages and independence of seniors, special needs clients including low income dental care and Hospice Services. Their team of caring staff and volunteers is dedicated to providing assistance and support whenever you need it.

Community Living Belleville and Area (Local: Belleville, ON)

Community Living Belleville and Area, an accredited nonprofit organization established in 1951, exists to provide quality supports to people with intellectual disabilities and to facilitate their full inclusion in community life. They are also mandated to educate the larger community and to advocate wherever necessary on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) is responsible for the ongoing planning and delivery of community supports and services for adults with developmental disabilities and families who have children with special needs throughout the province. They provide community planning and development to confirm eligibility and provide independent planning support.

Community Living Kincardine and District (Regional: Kincardine , ON)

This organization envisions an inclusive, caring community where all people belong and have equal opportunity. Using a person-centred approach, Community Living Kincardine and District assists individuals to participate fully in the life of the community while exploring their personal goals, dreams and ambitions. They have a strong community presence and strive to offer innovative and high-quality supports to individuals and their families.

Community Living London

Community Living London’s goal is to assist in the integration process of ensuring that persons with developmental disabilities can contribute to and participate in community life.

Community Living-North Frontenac (Local: North Frontenac, ON)

Community Living-North Frontenac is dedicated to providing equal opportunities to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families to achieve independence and social acceptance one person at a time. Our supports include service to adults and children, we also have an employment support program to assist people to become job ready. We believe in an inclusive community where everyone is included.

Community Living North Halton

Provides a range of supports and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities in Milton and Halton Hills. Our goal is to enable individuals to maximize their potential and become contributing members of their communities.

Community Living Oakville

Our mission is that people who have a developmental disability live in a state of dignity and participate in all elements of community living to their fullest potential.

Community Living Ontario (Regional: Toronto, ON)

Community Living Ontario promotes and facilitates the full participation and inclusion of people who have an intellectual disability into the community by providing resources, information, and education designed to enhance lives and encourage full and active citizenship.

Community Living Prince Edward (Local: Picton, ON)

Community Living Prince Edward’s mission is to facilitate the participation of people with disabilities in the life of the community and its economy. This mission is addressed in the context of both advocacy activities and service provision.

Community Living Toronto

Founded in 1948, TACL is one of the largest associations of its kind in North America, providing programs and services to over 5,000 individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. TACL operates 21 day programs, 37 group homes, five early childhood centres, and a camp.

Community Living York South (CLYS) (Southern York Region) (Regional: Richmond Hill, ON)

CLYS is a not-for-profit organization providing services to youth, adults and seniors with intellectual disabilities within Southern York Region. The agency provides a comprehensive suite of services that include Community Supports such as individualized support, education and self-help workshops, and respite options, Employment/Volunteer Supports, Fee for Service options, Residential and Day supports.

Community Outreach (Regional: Ontario)

This organizations objective is to identify community needs, bridge the gaps using best practices; network with Service Providers and Employers to showcase products and services/programs to strengthen communities; and launch new initiatives using state of the art technology. They believe in diversity without borders.

Connect 4 Life (Regional: Ontario)

Connect 4 Life aims to empower individuals with disabilities by providing access to education and training programs that will allow them to become independent, contributing members of society. Education and training programs will encourage independence in all stages of life.

Connect Society (Regional: Alberta)

Founded in 1963, Connect Society exists to strengthen connections among Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people. We are a nonprofit community agency providing individuals and families with resources to help them fully participate within families, relationships and the community. We believe the ability to communicate fully is an essential and basic need. This is our purpose.

Continuing On In Education (COED) (Local: Belleville, ON)

Continuing On In Education (COED) is a fully supported, community based day program that promotes independence and inclusion to adults with disabilities. We provide assistance to individuals with personal goal setting; providing resources and opportunities to work towards the achievement of these goals. We provide mentoring and facilitation in the areas of literacy, numeracy, living skills, healthy-active living, basic computer skills and communication. We strive to provide each individual with the opportunity to acquire transferable skills while developing lasting, meaningful relationships.

Corbrook Enterprises

Based in Toronto, Corbrook is a non-profit organization that provides employment services for persons with disabilities.

Cornerstone Care Society (Regional: Surrey, BC)

Cornerstone Care Society provides a full range of home care and support services to the seniors, disabled adults, and families of Delta, Surrey, White Rock and Langley. It was founded to provide services that go beyond those available from traditional home support agencies.

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Based in Winnipeg MB, it speaks out to improve the lives of Canadians with disabilities by removing barriers to participation, asserting the right to direct their own lives and make their own decisions, being centrally involved in the decision making processes that affect their lives, and bringing all other legislation into line with the Charter or Rights and Freedoms.

Cowichan Independent Living (Regional: Duncan, BC)

Cowichan Independent Living promotes the progressive process of persons with disabilities taking responsibility for the negotiation and management of personal and community resources. This mission is based upon five principles that guide the operation of independent living centres.

Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association (CTRA) (Regional: Duncan, BC)

The Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association (CTRA) provides therapeutic riding and equine-based therapeutic services for persons living with disabilities. CTRA welcomes participants, volunteers and friends from communities across southern and mid Vancouver Island.

DeafBlind Ontario Services (Regional: Newmarket, ON)

Founded in 1989, DeafBlind Ontario Services is the largest not-for-profit organization providing residential and other specialized services to adults who are deafblind across the province. The organization provides its clients, who are congenitally deafblind, with community-based housing, Intervenor services, independent living skills and work experience, which enables them to live more independently.

Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) (Local: Richmond, BC)

The Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) provides more than 50 community-based programs and services for children, youths, and adults. The Developmental Disabilities Association strives to enable people with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential.

Disability Alliance BC (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

This organization’s mission is to support people, with all disabilities, to live with dignity, independence and as equal and full participants in the community. They champion issues impacting the lives of people with disabilities through our direct services, community partnerships, advocacy, research and publications.

Disability Foundation (International: Vancouver, BC)

This foundation provides opportunities for people with disabilities. It promotes the capabilities and talents of people with physical challenges, once barriers in the physical landscape have been overcome.

Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta

Provides disabled Albertans with the opportunity to access and enjoy sailing activities while promoting enhanced independence and community involvement.

Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario

A nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to providing people living with a disability the opportunity to learn about and enjoy sailing.

Disabled Skiers of Alberta

DSA is dedicated to providing disabled children and adults with the opportunity to learn, teach and compete in the sport of skiing.

Disabled Peoples’ International

DPI works to promote the human rights of disabled people through full participation, equalization of opportunities, and development.

DisAbled Women’s Network (DAWN) of Canada

A voice of women with disabilities in Canada, providing support, information and resources; enhancing communications among women with disabilities, and between the disabled consumer movement and the women’s movement; educating and raising the awareness of the general public regarding the needs and concerns of women with disabilities.

DisAbled Women’s Network (DAWN) Ontario

DAWN Ontario is a cross-disability organization working towards access, equity, and full participation of women with disabilities through public education, coalition-building, lobbying and resource development.

Distinctive Employment Counselling Services of Alberta (DECSA) (Local: Edmonton, AB)

DECSA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to removing barriers to employment, education, and entrepreneurship. DECSA assists those with disabilities, victims of sexual exploitation, and those affected by domestic violence, addictions and concurrent disorders.

Diversability Development Organization (DDO) (International: Toronto, ON)

Diversability Development Organization (DDO) is a nonprofit organization with a team of experts with more than 50 years of innovation in mobility products, inclusion, and clinical training worldwide. DDO implements comprehensive programs and also operates as a “plug and play” resource for international and local organizations addressing the needs of people with disabilities in less resourced settings.

Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services

A not-for-profit organization that is inclusive and responsive to the needs of seniors and adults living with disabilities or illness by providing programs and services to promote healthy and independent living.

Down Syndrome Research Foundation (National: Vancouver, BC)

A nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is to maximize the ability of people with Down syndrome to lead independent lives and to participate actively in their community. This is achieved through education, information dissemination, research, and clinical services.

Dundas Special Olympics (Local: Dundas, ON)

Provides special needs adults and youth with year-round sports opportunities, including swimming, bowling, and softball.

Durham Deaf Services (Local: Oshawa, ON)

The purpose of Durham Deaf Services is to promote self-reliance and the use of American Sign Language and to further the rights of the Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing community. Given available resources Durham Deaf Services shall ensure that resources are available and accessible to meet the needs of individuals. Durham Deaf Services will engage in public education activities on issues related to the deaf, deafened and hard of hearing as well as fostering vocational/ professional training and provide a cultural centre.

Easter Seals/March of Dimes

Easter Seals of Alberta

Easter Seal Society of Newfoundland and Labrador

Easter Seal Society (Ontario)

Easter Seals Ontario Camps

Edmonton Brain Injury Relearning Society (EBIRS) (Local: Edmonton, AB)

The mission of the Edmonton Brain Injury Relearning Society (EBIRS) is to assist adults affected by brain injury in rebuilding an independent and interdependent lifestyle by providing individualized, community-based services.

Edmonton Down Syndrome Society (Local: Edmonton, AB)

This organization’s mission is to benefit persons with Down syndrome and their families by providing information and resources, to facilitate services and promote inclusion through public awareness and advocacy in collaboration with community partners to individuals, their families, other community members and organizations to enable full participation of persons with Ds in our community.

Empower Simcoe (Regional: Simcoe County, ON)

Empower Simcoe is a regional multi-service agency responding to community needs through inclusive programming that improves the quality of all lives. Empower Simcoe Foundation is an affiliated charity, raising funds to support the agency’s programs and respond to community needs.

Equip K.I.D.S International (International: Toronto, ON)

A grassroots, charitable organization dedicated to helping children with disabilities in developing nations. Through the local production and distribution of assistive technology, rehabilitative services, and education, we seek to provide these children with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Errington Therapeutic Riding Association (ETRA) (Local: Parksville, BC)

This organization initially began as a backyard pleasure riding session for three challenged high school students. In the years to follow, a group of volunteers committed themselves to structure a program in therapeutic riding following the guidelines of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association. ETRA became a registered society in 1989.

Excel Society (Local: Edmonton, AB)

The Excel Society supports and advocates for people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities in both Edmonton and Calgary. This means working with each client to improve their lives by helping them expand their capabilities and skills. Excel works with clients using a Person Centred Care Model that creates a unique care plan for each individual, assisting with daily living routines, accessing community resources, and/or securing and maintaining employment.

Extend-A-Family (Local: Toronto, ON)

Works to ensure that people with disabilities develop meaningful relationships and participate fully in the community.

Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region (Regional: Kitchener, ON)

Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region is committed to enhancing the well-being of individuals with mental and/or physical challenges and their families by promoting an inclusive community through the fostering of relationships and partnerships.

Facile Perth (Regional: Stratford, ON)

Facile Perth assists people with disabilities in Perth/Huron and Grey/Bruce counties to plan and build a good life in community. We offer facilitation and person-directed planning. We support people in self-determination, network development and participating and contributing to their communities.

Family Alliance Ontario

Represents people with disabilities and their families. We promote self-determination, inclusion, and participation.

Family Network for Deaf Children (FNDC) (Regional: Burnaby, BC)

A nonprofit society that was founded by parents of deaf children, in March 1995, to bring together families of deaf children in British Columbia who share common concerns. Through the organization’s quarterly newsletter, members share information and network.

Family Support Institute (Regional: New Westminster, BC)

A province-wide organization whose purpose is to strengthen and support families faced with the extraordinary circumstances that come with having a family member who has a disability. Directed by families, the Family Support Institute provides information, training and province-wide networking to assist families and their communities to build upon and share their strengths.

First Steps Vancouver (Local: Richmond, BC)

First Steps Vancouver is a rehabilitation centre for people with spinal cord injuries in British Columbia. Improving overall quality of life for those who have suffered spinal cord injuries is the primary goal of this not-for-profit centre.

Five Counties Children’s Centre

A community-based family-centred agency that provides therapy and support services to children who have physical disabilities, communication disorders and mild motor impairments.

Foothills Advocacy In Motion Society (Regional: High River, AB)

Committed to the promotion of full citizenship of persons with developmental disabilities in the Alberta Foothills region through community living support, employment preparation and placement supports, community access support, and individualized funding programs.

Foundation for Prader-Willi Research Canada (National: Toronto, ON)

CPWSO is the national support organization for Prader-Willi Syndrome. We provide information, counselling and advocacy to anyone across Canada and maintain a national PWS registry.

Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association (Regional: Fraser Valley, BC)

Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association provides support and services to people with acquired brain injuries and their families in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia. Services include case management, support groups, drop in programs, art/photography groups, healthy lifestyles groups, summer camps for kids and prevention activities.

Fraser Valley Child Development Centre (Regional: Fraser Valley, BC)

Provides services that enhance the quality of life of children with disabilities and their families through direct therapy, early intervention, family support, and community education.

Fredericton Association for Community Living (Local: Fredericton, NB)

The Fredericton Association for Community Living, also known as FrederictonACL, envisions an inclusive Fredericton where people with intellectual disabilities and their families feel they belong and are supported to participate fully in our community.

Friends of We Care (National: Aurora, ON)

Over the past 24 years, Friends of We Care has dedicated all its hard work and efforts toward assisting in sending physically disabled children to summer camps through the Easter Seals camping programs by raising funds through the foodservice and hospitality industry across Canada.

Gaitway to Equine Experiences Foundation (Regional: Red Deer, AB)

This organization believes in the healing benefits of horses to improve the lives of those in our community. They wish to ensure that all who wish to benefit by participating in a diverse range of equine related activities, are not hindered by lack of funds or access.

Gateway Association (Local: Edmonton, AB)

Gateway Association is a nonprofit organization established in 1975 by parents of children with disabilities. We are a family and employment resource centre providing education, family support, mentorship, and inclusive employment support.

Gateway Society (Local: Delta, BC)

Enables children and adults with Autism and other pervasive developmental disorders to reach their greatest potential. It is our role to provide quality individualized services in partnership with the people we serve, their families, advocates, communities and government.

Geneva Centre for Autism

The centre is recognized as a national leader in providing services, training, and support to families affected by autism. We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to empower individuals with autism and other related disorders, and their families, to fully participate in society. We strive to improve public awareness of autism in the educational, healthcare, and corporate communities. We serve children from the ages of 2-18 years of age at no cost to the families and offer training workshops on site and in all other provinces across Canada to both parents and professionals seeking to manage and integrate these special children.

Give A Miracle A Chance (Regional: Toronto, ON)

Many children with cerebral palsy benefit from hyperbaric oxygen treatment, however, provincial health care does not not cover this treatment. This organization was established to better the lives of these children with cerebral palsy and provide them with a bright future.

Good Samaritan Society (Regional: Edmonton, AB)

The Good Samaritan Society has over 55 years of experience in providing complex/continuing care, assisted living and other specialized health and community care services in innovative and caring environments. We are committed to and constantly strive to provide a quality of care that will enable the elderly and the physically and mentally challenged to experience an optimum quality of life.

Goodwill Industries of Alberta

Has a mission to assist Albertans with disabilities and disadvantages attain greater independence through vocational training and employment. This mission is predicated on the belief that the power and dignity of work serves as a cornerstone that enhances virtually all aspects of one’s life.

Good Companions (Local: Ottawa, ON)

The Good Companions is a not-for-profit organization that offers programs and services in partnership with volunteers, to promote, enhance and support the well-being, independence and zest for living of both seniors and of adults with physical disabilities in the Ottawa area.

Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf (GVAD) (Local: Vancouver, BC)

GVAD acts as a consumer-advocate group on behalf of the deaf community to promote all matters of the welfare of the deaf; and to foster social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities that are intended to positively contribute to the deaf community.

Greater Vancouver Community Services Society

The goals of the society are to offer and operate a comprehensive program of assistance to the elderly, the physically and developmentally disabled, and other socially disadvantaged people in the community, and to promote community involvement and cooperation.

Guelph Independent Living (Local: Guelph, ON)

Guelph Independent Living offers a variety of programs and services to support adults with physical disabilities and the elderly.

Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family (Local: Hamilton, ON)

As a non-profit community service, Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family responds to the multiple and unique challenges of children with special needs and thier families by providing respite, social opportunities and friendships. (Regional: Alfred, ON)

For Franco-Ontarians living with a disability, and those concerned with their well-being. Easy access to information, education documents, support for the disabled, and opportunities to interact and express personal views and comments.

Handicap International Canada (International: Montreal, QC)

The vision of Handicap International is to promote sustainable change to ensure that people with disabilities, victims of war or natural disasters, and people affected by disease or poverty are treated as full citizens with equal opportunities for community participation.

Handi-Care International (International: Scarborough, ON)

Our mission is to reach out to the poor, disadvantaged rural children, women and all individuals with physical and mental disabilities, regardless of race, religion and any other discriminating factors and to help them lead a better life through education, rehabilitation and vocational training.

Happy Village International (HAVI) (International: Montreal, QC)

Happy Village International (“HAVI”) is a charitable organization whose mission is to advocate for children with intellectual disabilities. They promote educational programs and community involvement in order to increase integration and reduce social stigma, with programs in Montreal and also internationally in Ghana.

Harmony In Action (Local: Windsor, ON)

Serves adults who have a developmental and/or physical disability, for whom training for employment is not a realistic alternative. It provides a full-time day program to help clients experience personal growth and social integration, and also provide evening and weekend recreational programs.

Harmony Place Support Services (Local: Toronto, ON)

Harmony Place Support Services (HPSS) is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization that provides day programs for adults with developmental and/or physical disabilities.

Heads Up for Inclusion (Regional: Peterborough, ON)

Through school programs and special events, Heads Up for Inclusion seeks to encourage full and meaningful participation and belonging of youth with intellectual disabilities in their community.

Helping Hands (Local: Orillia, ON)

This organization has offered home and community support services for seniors and adults with physical disabilities living in Orillia and the surrounding townships since 1972. Personal care, homemaking, transportation, meals on wheels, supportive housing, foot care, social events, emergency response, computer tutoring, and other services are provided by staff and volunteers.

Hidden Mobility Disabilities Alliance (National: Gibsons, BC)

This organization focuses on education and advocacy regarding accessibility barriers created for those with hidden mobility disabilities (i.e., able to walk only short distances unaided) by assumptions regarding a “short distance” to walk and a “brief time” to stand unsupported.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation (Local: Toronto, ON)

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation raises funds from the community for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Holland Bloorview is Canada’s largest pediatric rehabilitation hospital and the leader in care, research, and education for kids with disabilities and their families.

Home and Community Support Services of Grey Bruce

A team of caring staff and volunteers who provide community based services that support independence and enhance the quality of daily life for seniors, adults and their families.

Hope 4 MVC Kids (Regional: Olds, AB)

We provide assistance to families in Mountain View County. If the child in medical need is hospitalized they can apply to us for financial support to help with parking, meals, fuel, utilities, groceries, accommodation and sibling care. We provide adaptive equipment for home/school not covered by other sources, as well as therapy such as counselling, private o/t, p/t, alternative therapies not covered by health insurance or other sources.

Hope Haven Therapeutic Riding Centre (Local: Markdale, ON)

Hope Haven is a special place where individuals with disabilities can explore their potential in an environment that encourages our participants to try new experiences while enjoying the learning process. Their equine programs, which include Therapeutic Riding, promote healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Huron Respite Network

Provides the opportunity for a caregiver to arrange a regular or occasional break in order to maintain balance in their lives and prevent family breakdown or crisis.

Hutton House

Promotes and supports the inclusion of adults with disabilities in community life through opportunities in training, employment, education, leisure and voluntarism, thereby fostering independence and a lifestyle based on individual aspirations.

In-Definite Arts Society (Local: Calgary, AB)

A creative arts centre for artists with developmental disabilities, offering studio space and instruction in a wide range of art areas. Exhibition and sale of artwork is done in the onsite gallery, in community galleries, and on the website.

Independent Living Canada (formerly the Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres)

Independent Living Canada is a national umbrella organization working in association with Independent Living Resource Centres (ILRC) across Canada to promote and support the full integration of people with disabilities into all aspects of Canadian life.  Both Independent Living Canada and ILRCs are run by and for people with disabilities to assure their continued development to contribute to their communities, and to the economic, social, political and cultural aspects of Canadian society.

Independent Living Resource Centre (ILRC) (Local: Thunder Bay, ON)

A consumer-controlled, cross-disability, community-based, self-help nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower individuals with a disability to take control of their resources by using information, support, skills, and choices available to them.

Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region (Local: Kitchener, ON)

This organization helps people with disabilities achieve independence by facilitating individual growth towards greater independence; creating opportunities; assisting in the removal of barriers; improving the capacity of caregivers to assist and support them; and helping to increase the community’s acceptance and integration.

Independent Living Resource Centre St. John’s (Local: St. John’s, NL)

A consumer controlled organization committeed to providing supports, resources and opportunities for empowerment, which enable persons with disabilities to make informed choices about their lives.

Individualized Funding Resource Centre (IFRC) Society (Regional: British Columbia)

Individualized Funding Resource Centre (IFRC) Society operates to assist people with disabilities in BC who utilize the Choices in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) program. They ywork to simplify the CSIL application process and provide the skills necessary for successful use of that program.

Integra (Local: Toronto, ON)

Integra is an accredited Children’s Mental Health Centre leading in the treatment of vulnerable children and youth between the ages of 8-18 with learning disabilities (LDs). Its mission is to improve social, emotional and behavioural outcomes through a range of specialized therapeutic, family-centred services, community education and research.

Jake’s House for Children with Autism (Local: York, ON)

Jake’s House was built to provide support and solutions for caregivers and children living with autism and works tod to support families by assisting and better equipping them for the challenges they face; and to augment that assistance through initiatives that engage extended families, supporters and the ASD community.

Janus Academy (Local: Calgary, AB)

The Janus Academy was established in Calgary in 1997 to operate as an accredited independent private school to meet the unique educational needs of school-aged children with autism. The goal of the Janus Academy is to provide an intensive individualized educational program for each student.

Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity (Regional: Uxbridge, ON)

This organization assists seriously ill children and their families, in Ontario, with special treatment needs, medical expenses and financial assistance in times of need. They fill the gap that exists when families have exhausted all other possibilities.

Julien Project (Local: Guelph, ON)

This organization offers structured horticultural workshops, open seasonal garden activities, and special events developed and delivered by a horticultural therapist to groups of people with special needs. The activities take place in the barrier-free, fully accessible, outdoor courtyard garden of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre.

Kamloops Society for Community Living (Local: Kamloops, BC)

The society’s mission is to provide opportunities for persons with a developmental disability to experience a full life in as many aspects as they so choose. We will do this by providing supports and services to the best of our ability, either alone or in partnership.

Kawartha Participation Projects

A community-based nonprofit organization which provides services and resources to people who have physical disabilities, including an independence training centre; a supportive housing program; a temporary accommodation unit; and an attendant care outreach program.

Kelowna and District Society for Community Living

Our Mission is to enhance, empower and support, both collectively and individually, every challenged person to achieve his or her potential and to access and enjoy the same opportunities, rights, responsibilities and quality of life as an equal member in our community.

Kerry’s Place Autism Services

Kerry’s place autism services is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving people with autism/pdd. Incorporated since 1974, Kerry’s place has grown to encompass six residential divisions and four community outreach programmes. The mission of kerry’s place is to offer unique and specialized services of personalized support, advocacy, research, education and collaboration to enable individuals in Ontario with autism/pdd to achieve their optimal opportunities in life.


Works to encourage the integration of people with disabilities into the creative, artistic and social life of Canadian communities, by assisting in the development and presentation of festivals celebrating disability arts and culture, and providing informative sessions, workshops, classes, performances and exhibits for and by Canadian artists with disabilities.

Kids on the Block Toronto (Local: Toronto, ON)

Kids on the Block Toronto is a travelling puppet show that teaches children about coping with disabilities, medical conditions, and accepting others who are different. The troupe of colourful life-sized puppets represents a cross-section of a typical group of children, each unique in appearance and character.

Kitchener-Waterloo Access-Ability (Local: Kitchener, ON)

Kitchener-Waterloo Access-Ability is a nonprofit information and resource centre that is committed to providing an environment that supports self- determination for persons with disabilities, based upon the principles of choice, equality, co-operation and mutual respect.

KW Habilitation (Local: Kitchener, ON)

KW Habilitation is a local not-for-profit organization that provides a wide range of individualized services and supports to children with any special need and adults with developmental disabilities. A good life is fostered through early learning supports, respite services, residential services, community involvement and employment supports.

L’Arche Cape Breton (Regional: Whycocomagh, NS)

Part of an international federation of communities for men and women with developmental disabilities and those who wish to share life with them. L’Arche Cape Breton was founded in 1983. L’Arche assistants help core members (those with developmental disabilities) with basic tasks of daily living, but also spend time having fun and participating in community events.

L’Arche Comox Valley (Regional: Courtenay, BC)

L’Arche Comox Valley is a community of people with and without developmental disabilities sharing their lives together. L’Arche Comox Valley has a home, Jubilee House, which is a supported independent living program, for people living on their own. They also run the I Belong Centre, where people come to participate in different activities such as beading, painting, and candle making. The I Belong Centre is also home to the Vanier Suites, a co-housing community comprising several core members who live semi-independently.

L’Arche Edmonton (Local: Edmonton, AB)

L’Arche Edmonton provides homes and a day program for adults with developmental disabilities and those who assist them. We welcome into our ecumenical Christian community, individuals who want to live a life of simplicity and solidarity surrounded by community.

L’Arche Saint John (Local: Saint John, NB)

L’Arche Saint John is a community of people with and without intellectual disabilities sharing life together. At McKim House and our program, Some Kind of Creative Club, we aim to foster an environment of mutuality and relationship where all are welcome. Founded in 2005, we are the only L’Arche home in New Brunswick

L’Arche Stratford (Local: Stratford, ON)

L’Arche Stratford welcomes men and women with intellectual disabilities and the assistants who live, work and learn with them. People are drawn to our community from all over the world seeking a different way of life and bringing with them a wide range of beliefs, backgrounds and qualifications. Inspired by a desire to make a difference with their lives, assistants who come discover a sense of purpose that is born out of the challenge of community life. The orientation and training program for assistants fosters personal growth, competence and lasting friendships.

L’Arche Toronto (Local: Toronto, ON)

Comprising of four homes and one creative arts program located in the city’s Danforth and Riverdale neighbourhoods, L’Arche Toronto is a community of persons with and without developmental disabilities sharing life together, creating mutually transforming relationships.

Le Phénix (National: Alfred, ON)

A nonprofit organization whose mission is community development. Its main objective is to heighten public awareness to the realities of physically and mentally handicapped persons and to promote their integration as well as assist them.

Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta

A voluntary, not-for-profit organization of parents, professionals and other concerned people, the LDAA promotes understanding and improved services for children and adults with learning disabilities.

Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta — Calgary Chapter

A non-profit organization of parents, professionals, and other interested persons working together to promote the well-being of persons with learning disabilities. It has provincial, national and international Learning Disabilities Association affiliations.

Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta — Edmonton Chapter

This organization’s mission is to support and empower individuals with learning disabilities and/or ADHD to reach their full potential through access to equitable opportunities in achieving their educational, social, emotional, and career goals. Their mission will be realized through developing community awareness and providing education about the nature and impact of learning disabilities, advocacy, and collaborative efforts.

Learning Disabilities Association of British Columbia — Vancouver Chapter

A non-profit community organization committed to fostering the full potential of persons with learning disabilities.

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada, the national voice for Canadians with learning disabilities, is a volunteer-based organization working to level the playing field for all persons with LD and those who support them through programs and services, public awareness, advocacy, and research.

Learning Disabilities Association of Halton

LDAH’s mission is to provide leadership in learning disabilities advocacy, research, education, and services and to fully advance the full participation of children, youth and adults with learning disabilities in today’s society.

Learning Disabilities Association of Lambton County (Local: Sarnia, ON)

This group provides services for individuals in Lambton County living with, caring for or working with those with learning disabilities. They offer advocacy, support and education with a goal of enabling persons with learning disabilities to reach their full potential.

Learning Disabilities Association of New Brunswick

This nonprofit association provides support and information to persons with LD, the professional community, family members and employers. Their vision is that all persons with learning disabilities be able to live meaningful and successful lives.

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (Regional: Barrie, ON)

The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth, and adults with learning disabilities. Their mission is to provide leadership in learning disabilities advocacy, research, education, support, and services and to advance the full participation of children, youth, and adults with learning disabilities in today’s society.

Learning Disabilities Association of Peel

Provides a level playing field of opportunities and services for children and youth with learning disabilities on a grass root level as well as the key people who guide their development: families, education professionals and service providers.

Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto District

Our agency provides information and services for learning disabled children, teens and adults. As well, we offer a social skills/socialization program for children aged 6-17 years old who are having social difficulty.

Learning Disabilities Association of Windsor-Essex County (Local: Windsor, ON)

The mission of Learning Disabilities Association of Windsor-Essex County is to assist children, youth, and adults with learning disabilities and those who support them through information sharing, support, and relevant programs.

Learning Disabilities Association of York Region (Regional: Richmond Hill, ON)

Offers programs and services for children, youth and adults with learning disabilities and/or ADHD, their families, and professionals. Their programs include social skills groups, parent and adult support groups, educational seminars, advocacy, guidance, and referral services.

Little League Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

A nonprofit organization that assists young boys and girls in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork, and physical well-being through the medium of baseball and softball with guidance and exemplary leadership. This includes the Challenger Program, which provides the opportunity for children who have physical and mental challenges to participate in baseball.


A grassroots charitable organization working in partnership with care providers and the community, empowering youth and young adults with developmental disabilities and related cognitive/affective challenges to live as included and contributing members of Canadian society.

Links to Learning Resource Centre

A nonprofit organization that assists families and professionals to find resources and information on disabilities. We carry a large selection of books and files on disorders as well as toys that that can be borrowed to help children advance in their skills.

LOFT (Regional: Toronto, ON)

LOFT is a nonprofit, community-service organization dedicated to providing housing and housing support services to the disabled, homeless, or ill. They operate mainly in the Toronto and North York region and have several homes established to meet clients’ needs.

London Association for Disabled Adults

Promotes and supports the inclusion of adults with disabilities in community life through opportunities in training, employment, education, leisure and voluntarism, thereby fostering independence and a lifestyle based on individual aspirations.

Lorda Park (Local: Pictou County, NS)

Lorda Park offers services to seniors aged 55+ at anyone with a disability, free of charge. Participants can engage in fishing, camping, woodworking and more. Maple Syrup products are also available on site. Lorda Park is the first park of its kind in North America.

MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

MADD Canada’s (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) mission is to stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime. The website has injury resource listings in its victim services section.

Main Street Community Services (Local: Stittsville, ON)

Main Street Community Services is a registered not-for-profit agency providing programs and services to children and youth with special needs and exceptionalities. Main Street also runs five therapeutic respite homes in the Ottawa area. They are committed to the vision of empowering children, youth, individuals, families, and communities to achieve whole health, social well-being, and community collectiveness.

Mainstream Association for Proactive Community Living (Regional: Burnaby, BC)

Mainstream provides up to 700 client services each year. Mainstream creates opportunities for independence and growth for individuals with physical, developmental and mental health challenges.

Making Faces (Local: Toronto, ON)

A registered charity that uses improvisational comedy and acting exercises to foster life skills, self-esteem and self-confidence in children with facial differences, all performed in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment. Extensively tested at The Hospital for Sick Children.

Manitoba Brain Injury Association (Regional: Winnipeg, MB)

Dedicated to providing education about brain injury and support for individuals and families living with the effects of brain injury, and for others who support these individuals. We will promote public awareness of the causes and effects of brain injury to the communities where we live and work, and will also establish partnerships with other associations and agencies that provide services to people with disabilities.

Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities

A united voice of people with disabilities, and their supporters, that promotes equal rights, full participation in society, and facilitates postive change through advocacy and public education.

Maple Creek & District Opportunities Inc. (Local: Maple Creek, SK)

This organization provides quality housing and supports to adults with a developmental disability within the Maple Creek, Saskatchewan region.

Mary Centre of the Archdiocese of Toronto

Dedicated to supporting adults with a developmental disability to improve their quality of life. Our philosophy is to give people using our services the utmost respect and to provide the necessary supports to achieve the best quality of life.

McMan Youth, Family & Community Services Association (Regional: Alberta)

Provides quality care and services across Alberta. Offering foster care, group care, supported independent living, family services, counselling and support for people with DisABILITIES. McMan works with children, youth, adults & families.

Metro Community Housing Association (Regional: Halifax, NS)

Metro Community Housing Association is a nonprofit, community-based agency providing support and residential services to persons who have experienced mental health difficulties.

Millennium Support and Care Group (Local: Toronto, ON)

A nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to serving seniors and those with disabilities, Millennium offers services within the GTA such as home support, respite care, and social activities to alleviate the feelings of isolation often felt among these marginalized groups.

The Military Casualty Support Foundation (MCSF) (National: Ingersoll, ON)

The MCSF was founded for the benefit of our casualties and their families, who have suffered an immeasurable loss by carrying out their duties for Canada on peacekeeping missions in war ravaged countries. In co-operation with the Ministry of Defence, MCSF provides emergency financial relief to meet the needs of the victims of these conflicts that are beyond government programs, such as for medical or psychiatric needs, medical devices or sports equipment for permanently wounded military.

Miriam Foundation (The) (Local: Mount Royal, QC)

The Miriam Foundation is a not-for profit foundation that supports rehabilitative, vocational and residential services for children, adults and seniors with intellectual disabilities in Montreal, to promote their integration into society. We offer training and education to professionals and parents and publish a quarterly magazine for parents of special needs children, Exceptional Family.

Moeen Centre for Physically Disabled and Developmentally Challenged Young Adults (Local: Toronto, ON)

The Moeen Centre for Physically Disabled and Developmentally Challenged Young Adults is a nonprofit, registered charitable organization. They promote the independence of physically and/or developmentally challenged young adults in Toronto and aim to facilitate access to available community facilities and services. Among a variety of initiatives, they operate a day program throughout the year Mon-Fri, 9am to 3pm offering literacy, math and computer skills, arts and crafts, physical fitness and snoezelen therapy.

Montreal Association for the Blind

The Montreal Fluency Centre (Local: Montreal, QC)

The Montreal Fluency Centre is a bilingual, nonprofit community agency serving the needs of children with difficulties in speech, language, learning, and literacy. Through speech-language therapy and psycho-educational services, their goal is to reduce the long-term risks of these difficulties and minimize the impact that they may have on children’s lives.

Mood Disorders Association of Ontario (Regional: Toronto, ON)

The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario offers free support and recovery programs to people across Ontario living with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. They provide drop-in peer support groups, recovery programs, family and youth clinical support, early intervention for mood disorders and psychosis and online tools focused on wellness and recovery in Toronto, and through affiliates, in over 30 communities across Ontario.

The MukiBaum Foundation (Local: Toronto, ON)

MukiBaum Foundation is a nongovernmental organization which provides inclusive, community-focused support to children and adults with complex disabilities and their families. Their mission to enable them to grow and succeed through innovative, creative and sustainable programing.

Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada

Nanaimo Unique Kids Organization (NUKO) (Local: Nanaimo, BC)

This organization suppors children and youth with neurological disabilities academically, recreationally, socially and behaviourally. They offer programs with their Learning Centre, Under 6 program and Summer Day Camp. Low child to adult ratios and small class sizes provide a safe and supported environment towards success.

National Broadcast Reading Service

A 24-hour audio newsstand that gives people with vision impairments access to printed media. It provides round the clock information from Canadian newspapers and magazines, and develops other forms of media (such as described video) to make them accessible.

National Network for Mental Health (National: St. Catharines, ON)

The National Network for Mental Health exists to advocate, educate, and provide expertise and resources for the increased health and well-being of the Canadian mental health consumer/survivor community. It is the only non-diagnostic specific mental health consumer/survivor driven organization in Canada that is national in scope. The organization is run by and for persons suffering or who have suffered from mental health issues/illness/disability.

National Service Dogs

A non-profit, community based organization that gives Canadians living with disabilities a chance to improve their level of independence by providing them with specially trained assistance dogs.

NationWares (International: Kitchener, ON)

This organization creates sustainable employment for international entrepreneurs living in high risk situations, someone living with a physical or developmental disability, someone living in extreme poverty, or an adult working to support a young family member living with a physical or developmental disability. They offer micro enterprise systems as well as supporting fair trade products.

Neil Squire Foundation

Offers education, technology and career development for people with physical disabilities.

New Brunswick Association for Community Living (NBACL)

NBACL is a provincial nonprofit charitable organization working on behalf of children and adults with an intellectual disability, and their families.

New Haven Learning Centre (Local: Etobicoke, ON)

The New Haven Learning Centre is a private, non-profit education and treatment centre for children and adults with autism and related disorders. New Haven provides intensive, comprehensive, data driven treatment and education based on the scientifically validated principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Newfoundland and Labrador Association for Community Living (Regional: St. John’s, NL)

To work with and on behalf of individuals with an intellectual disability and their families This organization advocates for individuals to live as full participants in the community based on the values of equality, inclusion and independence.

North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association (NFTRA) (Regional: Maple Ridge, BC)

North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association (NFTRA) is a nonprofit charitable organization enriching the lives of children and adults who experience physical, mental, emotional or social challenges by providing safe and professional therapeutic equine programming.

North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre (Regional: Saskatoon, SK)

The North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre is a nonprofit, charitable, community-based corporation. NSILC promotes the integration of people with disabilities and a minimum of 51% of the people directly involved in management and decision-making at NSILC have a disability of some kind.

North Shore ConneXions Society (ConneXions) (Local: North Vancouver, BC)

ConneXions is a non-profit organization that supports families and serves children and adults living with developmental disabilities. Their vision is a community where all people with disabilities have equal opportunities to lead active, fulfilling lives and recognized as contributing members of the community.

North Shore Disability Resource Centre (NSDRC) (Local: North Vancouver, BC)

The North Shore Disability Resource Centre provides programs and services based on the belief that all people are important to their community. We work to ensure that people with disabilities, along with their families and friends, can participate actively as members of the community.

Northern Brain Injury Association (Regional: Prince George, BC)

The Northern Brain Injury Association promotes prevention of acquired and traumatic brain injury as well as facilitates support groups for survivors of brain injury in the rural and remote areas of northern British Columbia.

Novelletto Rosati Complex (Regional: Windsor, ON)

Run by the Italian Canadian Handicapable Association (ICHA), this nonprofit sports facility raises funds to send disabled athletes to the Special Olympics. The complex also offers recreational activities for persons with mental and physical challenges.

One Boy One Van (Local: Ottawa, ON)

One Boy One Van Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for physically handicapped children. They raise, manage, and disburse funds to special needs families for the purchase of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

One Care Home and Community Support Services

A nonprofit home support service agency that uses volunteers to provide a variety of services which assist senior citizens and adults with disabilities living independently in the community.

Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA) Committee

A provincial volunteer coalition lobbying for the introduction of strong, effective and mandatory legislation covering the removal, and prevention, of barriers to people with disabilities.

Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communications Disorders

Provides information, education and support to families of children with communication disorders who require speech and language services, have been affected by service delays or cuts at a hospital, wish to network with other families for support, or need more information about a child’s communication difficulties, available community resources and services.

Lanark, Leeds and Grenville

Ontario Disabled Alpine Racing Team (ODART) (Regional: Toronto, ON)

A grass roots organization allowing disabled athletes in Ontario to train towards representation at the National and Olympic levels. Its aim is to send racers & support personnel to regional and national races. A division of CADS.

Ontario March of Dimes

Ontario Therapeutic Riding Association (OnTRA) (Regional: Straffordville, ON)

Ontario Therapeutic Riding Association (OnTRA) is a provincial organization that promotes riding as a form of therapy for children and adults with physical and/or cognitive impairments.

Ontario Track 3 Ski Association for the Disabled (Regional: Etobicoke, ON)

Ontario Track 3 Ski Association for the Disabled is the only provincial organization with a provincial mandate to engage directly with children and youth with disabilities in the delivery of training, equipment, opportunity, facilities, and support for the alpine sport such as stand-up skiing, sit-skiing, and snowboarding.

Opening Gaits (Local: Calgary, AB)

This organization’s mission is to provide children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to experience all the physical, social, and emotional benefits of riding on and spending time with a horse.

Opportunities for the Disabled Foundation

Opportunity Works (Local: Calgary, ON)

Through the provision of self-employment skill development and entrepreneurship support, Opportunity Works strives to improve the standard of living of persons who identify themselves as mental health consumers.

Ottawa-Carleton Lifeskills Inc. (Local: Ottawa, ON)

A nonprofit agency with a mission to serve developmentally delayed adults with residential and day programs. We aim to provide to individuals who are developmentally disabled, encouragement, opportunities and experiences in friendly and supportive environments that will promote self-development and foster interdependent relationships with other members of the community.

Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre (OCTC) (Regional: Ottawa, ON)

The Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre (OCTC) is a leader in providing bilingual specialized care for those with multiple physical, developmental, and associated behavioural needs, focusing on the region’s children and youth.

Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation (Local: Ottawa, ON)

Helping families remain healthy and whole by providing essential 24-hour short-term relief to parents whose children have a physical disability/multiple special needs.

Our Little Charity Canada (International: Langley, BC)

Our Little Charity Canada (OLCC) is a group of volunteers driven by a passion to value the most vulnerable children in Kenya by restoring physical health and hope. Our mission: provide life-changing surgeries & medical interventions for those who could never afford it.

PACE Independent Living (Local: Toronto, ON)

PACE is a community support service organization that delivers a range of innovative support services people with disabilities so they can live their lives.

Pacific Assistance Dogs Society

Promotes the use of assistance dogs in British Columbia and all of Western Canada. P.A.D.S. dogs are specially trained to aid the physically disabled, the deaf & hearing impaired, and the developmentally delayed.

Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities (Local: Langley, BC)

Through equestrian activities and with the involvement of the community, PRDA enhances the quality of life for individuals with a wide range of disabilities.

PAL-Reading Services Inc. (Local: Toronto, ON)

This organization’s mission is to provide, upon request, free audio recorded versions of print material which give persons with vision impairments or other disabilities access to life-long learning choices.

Paralympic Sports Association

For the past 35 years, the association has been providing recreation and sport programs in the Edmonton, Alberta area for men, women and children with a physical disability.

Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre (PARC) (Local: Toronto, ON)

PARC addresses poverty, mental health, addictions, homelessness and food insecurity through four key service areas: a drop-in centre, peer-support. outreach program and supportive housing. PARC is also a meeting place for agencies and partners working towards lasting social change.

Participation House – London and Area (Regional: London, ON)

Participation House Support Services – London and Area is a community-based organization providing assistance to people with significant complex needs to reach their full potential in the community. They believe with support and encouragement everyone can contribute to the community in a meaningful way.

Participation Lodge Grey Bruce (Local: Holland Centre, ON)

Participation Lodge is a non-profit, long-term health care facility providing permanent residency along with 24 hour care to 24 clients afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Spina Bifida, Downs Syndrome, etc. The programs and services they provide not just to our clients but to the community improve the positive life experiences for those with severe disabilities.

Pathways Serious Mental Illness Society (Regional: West Vancouver, BC)

Pathways is a pioneering family-support organization, providing help for those who have relatives with mental illness. We offer personal support and information, education, awareness, and advocacy.

Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society (PARDS) (Regional: Grande Prairie, AB)

Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society (PARDS) is a nonprofit therapeutic riding centre offering equine assisted therapy to children and adults living with disabilities.

People In Motion

A Kamloops, B.C.-based, charitable non-profit agency that works to address the needs of people with disabilities. We have a particular interest in those with physical and sensory disabilities and are committed to the integration of all people with disabilities into all aspects on independent and interdependent living.

Plan Institute for Caring Citizenship (Local: Vancouver, BC)

PLAN Institute believes communities become more hospitable, caring and resilient as a result of the contributions of people who are marginalized and their families. Their goal for the future is to be the leading influence on caring citizenship in Canada, recognized for improving the lives of people with disabilities, their families and their communities.

Project Work (Local: Toronto, ON)

Project Work helps people who have an intellectual disability or require extra support to improve their work skills so they can find and keep entry-level jobs.

Proset Autism / Autisme Proset (Local: Ottawa, ON and Montreal, QC)

This organization works to relieve conditions associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Downs Syndromes, Global Development Delay, ADHD and other development delays by providing adaptive therapeutic and recreational programs for children living with these conditions.

The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise (Local: Paris, ON)

The Raw Carrot is a social purpose enterprise that breaks down barriers to systemic unemployment for individuals on the Ontario Disability Support Program. Each Raw Carrot franchise is embedded within a church or NGO where gourmet soup is created for sale in local communities across Ontario.

reachAbility (Regional: Halifax, NS)

reachAbility specializes in helping persons with disabilities re-enter the workforce through educational programming, and also offers training and expert consultation through their Disability Awareness Training (DAT).

Reach Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

Reach is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to educating and informing persons with disabilities, lawyers, care givers and the general public about the rights and interests of persons with disabilities. They are also committed to ensuring that people with disabilities are provided with quality legal and social representation, and provide lawyer referrals.

Reach for the Rainbow

A registered, non-profit organization providing integrated recreational summer camp and year-round programming to disabled children and young adults in the province of Ontario.

Reach for the Skye Windsor (Local: Windsor, ON)

Reach For The Skye Windsor’s mission is to assist developmentally/physically challenged individuals in successfully developing their knowledge skills and values so as to enhance their quality of life, improve their ability to acquire independence, and promote their social integration into the community.

Reaching E-Quality Employment Services (REES) (Local: Winnipeg, MB)

REES is a nonprofit organization with charitable status that offers services both to job seekers and employers hiring workers with disabilities. Our mission is to promote, facilitate and maintain the employment of people with physical disabilities or health conditions by providing diverse and customized employment and educational services.

Reena (Regional: Thornhill, ON)

Reena strives to integrate people with developmental disabilities into the mainstream of Canadian society. It is the second largest provider of residential and support services for people with developmental disabilities in Toronto and the largest in York Region.

Regina Residential Resource Centre

Provides services for individuals with intellectual disabilities, including a respite home, group homes, a supported independent living program, and self-managed programs.

Rehabilitation Institute of Toronto

Works to advance rehabilitation services and to enhance the quality of life of people who have sustained disabling illness and/or injury.

Rehabilitation Society of Calgary (Local: Calgary, AB)

The Rehabilitation Society is a registered charity that serves adults with any kind of disability or disabilities. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities by creating a community where persons with disabilities participate with equality in a work and social setting. They also offer a peer-supported literacy program.

Renfrew Educational Services

Offers inclusive educational programming for typically developing children and for children with special needs from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. Children with special needs receive programming from on-staff therapists. Tutoring and fee for service therapy available. (Regional: Ontario)

This group consists of agencies funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services that collaborate to develop a more dynamic respite network in Ontario.

Richmond Society for Community Living (Local: Richmond, BC)

Richmond Society for Community Living provides a variety of support services for children and adults with disabilities, and their loved ones, in the Richmond community. Programs include Infant Development, Supported Employment, Residential Care, and Family Support. Since 1982, RSCL has been committed to seeing beyond disability to ability.

Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives (SAI) (Local: Saskatoon, SK)

Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives (SAI) offers daytime supports (vocational, recreational and/or volunteer), home supports and semi-independent living programs. We provide choices and opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Semiahmoo House Society (Local: Surrey, BC)

Provides quality services, advocacy and support to people with disabilities and their families in the community.

Services to Assist Independent Living (SAIL) (Local: Gananoque, ON)

A not-for-profit, charitable agency that provides community support services to seniors, adults with physical disabilities, and convalescents living in their own homes. SAIL, with the help of volunteers, provides services such as Meals on Wheels, escorted transportation and many other essential services to clients living in the townships of Front of Yonge, Leeds and the Thousand Islands, and the town of Gananoque.

SHARE Community Program (Local: Ottawa, ON)

SHARE Community Program was started in September 2015 for young adults in the Ottawa South area. It is a program to offer people with special needs a day program in many areas, at their skill level/ability. We are geared towards assisting individuals with special needs into our communities through our specialized programs, which include a day program, social group, and respite services.

Silent Voice

Silent Voice serves deaf children, deaf youth, adults and their families in a sign language environment. We are dedicated to improving communication and relationships between deaf and hearing families and in our community. We have been serving the community for 25 years.

Simcoe Community Services (SCC) (Local: Barrie, ON)

Simcoe Community Services (SCC) provides supports to children, youth and adults with intellectual disabilities in Barrie, Orillia, Bradford-West Gwillimbury and surrounding townships. SCC provides access to a diverse range of services at any stage in their life from preschool to teenage years, as a young adult or a senior. Service options include preschool programs, community involvement, family support or employment.

Skills Canada – Nova Scotia (Regional: Dartmouth, NS)

Skills Canada – Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization that provides Nova Scotian youth with opportunities to explore skilled trades and technologies, discover their passions, and strive for excellence. Their programming includes in-class presentations, Youth Projects, Disability Services and our flagship event the Nova Scotia Skills Competition.

SMILE (Local: Peel Region, ON)

SMILE is an organization dedicated to supporting children living with disabilities and their families. SMILE is situated in Peel Region Ontario. SMILE is mandated to develop community based awareness of the limitations faced by children with disabilities and critical illness and their families. SMILE maintains an ongoing relationship with families to ensure that the evolving needs of their children are being met within the safety and security of the SMILE support system. SMILE is guided by the principle of equity and is focused on the elimination of barriers which limit access to support, education and the ability to integrate into the social, cultural and spiritual fabric of our community.

South Asian Autism Awareness Centre (SAAAC) (Local: Scarborough, ON)

SAAAC was created with the intention of inspiring families impacted by ASD with a focus on cultural elements in the South Asian community. Through unique services, initiatives, and therapies they want participants to realize their potential and place them on a path towards independence.

South-east Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

A non-profit, charitable agency that serves and advocates on behalf of the deaf, deafened and hard of hearing community in south-eastern New Brunswick.

SpeciaLink (National: Sydney, NS)

SpeciaLink: The National Centre for Child Care Inclusion works to expand the quality and quantity of opportunities for inclusion in child care, recreation, and other community settings, for young children with special support needs and their families. We put researchers, trainers, policy makers, parents, early childhood educators and centre directors in touch with the best inclusive practices on the frontlines of child care.

Special Olympics Alberta (Regional: Edmonton, AB)

Special Olympics Alberta is committed to enriching the lives of Albertans with an intellectual disability through sport.

Special Olympics BC

Provides individuals with intellectual disabilities opportunities to enrich their lives and celebrate personal achievement through positive sport experiences.

Special Olympics Ontario – Kitchener-Waterloo (Local: Kitchener-Waterloo, ON)

A community-based organization that is a proud and strong supporter of providing sports training and competitions for people with intellectual disabilities. We feel strongly that sports competitions are important for everyone!

Special Olympics New Brunswick (Regional: Fredericton, NB)

Special Olympics New Brunswick is a community based not-for-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities through sport training and competition. Special Olympics programs across the province are open to athletes of all ages and ability levels.

Special Olympics Newmarket (Local: Newmarket, ON)

Special Olympics Newmarket and District is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to providing year-round sports training and competition opportunities for individuals in the Newmarket area with an intellectual disability.

Special Olympics Québec (Regional: Montreal, QC)

Special Olympics Québec’s mission is to encourage people living with an intellectual disability to take part, at the level of their choice, in quality sports training and athletic competitions in order to further their personal development and that of those around them.

Special Olympics Regina (Regional: Regina, SK)

A nonprofit sports organization dedicated to helping people with intellectual disabilities develop relationships and confidence for success in life through sport and physical activity.

Specialized Training for Adult Respite Support (STARS) (Regional: Ontario)

STARS is a group of community partners offering free training for adult respite workers. Training topics include, but are not limited to: CPI Non-Violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention, ASIST, Behaviour Strategies, First Aid, and much more. Please visit our web page for more information and for up-to-date information on trainings.

Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Canada (SBHAC) (National: Winnipeg, MB)

The association’s mission is to improve the quality of life of all individuals with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus and their families, through awareness, education, research and advocacy, and to reduce the incidence of neural tube defects.

Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario

SBHAO is a dedicated advocate of the rights and abilities of people with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus, Canada’s most common birth defects. The organization is also committed to educating the public about the important role of folic acid in the prevention of birth defects.

Spinal Cord Injury BC (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

Spinal Cord Injury BC provides the support counted on by thousands of BC residents with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to enable their transition from hospital care to the community. They help British Columbians with spinal cord injuries to regain their independence, to resume their education and careers, and move forward with their lives.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

Dedicated to assisting persons with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve independence, self-reliance and full community participation.

Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan Inc. (Regional: Regina & Saskatoon, SK)

We are a nonprofit that aims to assist persons with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve independence, self- reliance, and full community participation.

SportAbility (Regional: Surrey, BC)

A nonprofit, volunteer-driven association whose goal is to provide opportunities in sport for people with disabilities. Opportunities include recreational/skill development programs, competitive clubs, and regional competitions.

Stan Cassidy Foundation (Regional: Fredericton, NB)

The foundation supports the work of the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation (SCCR) to provide specialized bilingual, tertiary rehabilitation services; inpatient care; and outreach programs to New Brunswickers with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, acquired or inherited neurological disorders, developmental disorders, and upper-extremity amputations.

Strive Living Society (Regional: Burnaby, BC)

Strive Living Society (formally Howe Sound Rehabilitation Services Society) is a registered nonprofit organization that provides community and residential services for children, youth, adults, and seniors with diverse abilities. In addition to residential resources, Strive operates drop-in centres, community-based programs, and home-based services.

Summit House (Local: Burlington, ON)

Provides flexible residential and outreach community case management support services throughout Halton for adults who have a diagnosed serious mental illness.

Support & Trustee Advisory Services (Regional: Mississauga, ON)

Support & Trustee Advisory Services is a nonprofit registered charity that assists Peel Region families with future planning for their children who have a disability by providing them with information, resource material, and education.

Supported Lifestyles Ltd. (Local: Calgary, AB)

Supported Lifestyles’ mission is to provide personalized support to assist people with disabilities to establish a fulfilling lifestyle within the community.

Supported Training and Rehabilitation in Diverse Environments (STRIDE) (Regional: Milton, ON)

STRIDE is a nonprofit, community based vocational rehabilitation program founded in 1983. They work to improve the lives of persons facing mental health issues by offering the training and support necessary to improve employability and work readiness.

Surrey Association for Community Living (Local: Surrey, BC)

Provides services and support for individuals with special needs and their families and advocates on their behalf. Through committed leadership and guidance, we create an inclusive, safe, caring community that values dignity and choices.

Surrey Place Centre (Local: Toronto, ON)

Surrey Place Centre is a Toronto-based organization that provides a range of services including complex assessment, diagnostics, and treatment for people living with developmental disabilities. We are dedicated to helping every client reach their potential at every stage in life.

Tetra Society of North America (International: Vancouver, BC)

A nonprofit organization that recruits engineers, technicians, health care professionals and other skilled people to volunteer their time to design and build customized assistive devices for persons with disabilities.

Three to Be (Regional: Toronto, ON)

Three to Be’s mission is to support and advance the development of innovative research, therapies and education for children with neurological disorders and their families.

Toronto Sledge Hockey (Local: Toronto, ON)

Toronto Sledge Hockey is dedicated to providing sledge hockey opportunities to Torontonians with disabilities. Our program is open to people off all ages and abilities, and draws on the skills and experience of some of our gold-medal winning paralympians, and other athletes from around the area.

Toronto Special Olympics (Local: Toronto, ON)

The organization’s primary objective is to contribute to the physical, social, and psychological development of people who have a mental disability through positive, successful experiences in sports.

Tourette Canada (National: Mississauga, ON)

Tourette Canada is dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians affected by Tourette Syndrome (TS) and associated conditions. We’re national in scope and volunteer based. Our mission is to create awareness and understanding of TS through education, advocacy and support.

Trailblazers Tandem Cycling Club (Local: Toronto, ON)

The Trailblazers Tandem Cycling Club, a registered charity, provides recreational cycling to people who have limited or no vision, the opportunity to cycle with sighted volunteers on tandems bikes which are bicycles built for two.

Traverse Independence (Local: Kitchener, ON)

Traverse Independence supports adults with physical disabilities and brain injuries to live independently in the community. As a centre of excellence, they empower and connect clients on their journey to independence.

Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association (VTEA) (Local: Langley, BC)

VTEA is a nonprofit, volunteer based, charity that provides therapeutic horseback riding for 75 riders per week year-round. They improve the quality of life for children and adults with special needs with the help of 12 wonderful horses.

Vancouver Island Invisible Disability Association (Regional: Victoria, BC)

Supports adults with all sorts of invisible disabilities, including learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, and mental illness. Our wide variety of services supports adults with invisible disabilities make the transition to independent living, employment, basic and higher education, and to developing long term relationships and sustained friendships.

Variety – The Children’s Charity (Ontario)

Dedicated to assisting children with special needs through a number of programs and services. Our website includes information about us and our programs including the world-renowned Variety Village, VASI and others.

Variety – The Children’s Charity of Southern Alberta

Variety Children’s Charity started in Calgary in 1982. We will continue to advance the health, happiness and quality of life of Southern Alberta’s children with special needs by actively increasing community participation and responsibility.

Variety – The Children’s Charity of British Columbia

Since 1965, Variety – The Children’s Charity has been raising funds to help improve the quality of life for BC’s children. Variety has raised over $100 million, providing much-needed funding to over 2,000 children’s organizations and to many individual families who have a child with special needs.

The Venturers Society (Regional: Calgary and Medicine Hat, AB)

The Venturers Society supports adults with development disabilities to become active and contributing members of their communities in the Calgary and Medicine Hat areas. This is achieved through educational, recreational, volunteer and paid activities. “Nurturing with Nature, Achieving in Community.”

VETS Canada (National: Halifax, NS)

VETS Canada’s mission is to attempt to facilitate moving the veterans in need of help from the streets or shelters into affordable housing (if available). We also connect the veterans with needed health care, help them access the benefits and services from other organizations such as Veterans Affairs Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion and support them in finding suitable employment.

Victorian Order of Nurses Hastings, Northumberland, Prince Edward Island (Regional: Trenton, ON)

A branch of VON Canada, a national nonprofit voluntary health care organization which addresses the health needs of people in their community. Services include visiting nursing, foot care clinics, PSW/Homemaking as well as community support programs including Meals on Wheels, Adult Day, Friendly Visiting, SMART and Transportation.

Villa Charities (Local: Toronto, ON)

In addition to providing culturally sensitive care for the elderly, the Villa Charities family of organizations is also committed to assisting individuals with developmental disabilities and has a mandate of encouraging community participation through fitness, culture and the arts.

Virtual Mall Canada (National)

The Virtual Mall hosts web stores that are created, owned, and operated by people with disabilities. These people sell original Canadian art work from artists in their local area.

Visions of Independence (Local: Winnipeg, MB)

Visions of Independence is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides housing and programs to persons with intellectual disabilities. they provide residential, day, and supported independent living programs in Winnipeg and Portage La Prairie.

VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children (National: Toronto, ON)

This organization’s mission is to ensure that all children with hearing loss have their rights upheld with access to services for developing their abilities to learn to hear, listen and speak.

War Amps of Canada

Using an “amputees helping amputees” approach, The War Amps meets the needs of Canadian amputees through financial assistance for artificial limbs, resources and programs such as CHAMP for child amputees, PLAYSAFE and Matching Mothers. It receives no government funding.

West Island Citizen Advocacy (Local: Montreal, QC)

A nonprofit group that seeks to improve the quality of life for handicapped, senior and disadvantaged persons through the provision of competent volunteer citizen advocates.

Western Society for Children with Birth Disorders (Regional: New Westminster, BC)

Western Society for Children is an agency of hope in BC that enhances the lives of children with disabilities and their families. We offer direct services, support, and individualized advocacy in the areas of: specialized equipment, medical resources, recreation, communication/learning, and emotional well-being.

Whitecrow Village FASD Society (Local: Nanaimo, BC)

Whitecrow Village FASD Society is committed to educating communities and professionals about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Core programs offer experiential training, support, and guidance for persons both directly and indirectly affected by FASD.

Windsor People First Society of Nova Scotia

Our organization works to promote self-advocacy for people with learning disabilities in the Windsor area, to promote awareness of the abilities of such persons and to make sure that people with disabilities are considered “people first”.

Winnifred Stewart Association for the Mentally Handicapped

Provides services to adults (over age 18) with developmental disabilities in the areas of community-based residential, employment training and recreation and leisure support day programs. Individualized focus is a key component of each program, with goals, activities and supports implemented for each person according to their needs.

Woodview Mental Health & Autism Services (Local: Burlington, ON)

Woodview offers a broad spectrum of services for children and youth facing mental health challenges and for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We work in partnership with families, who play an integral role in our services. We work with schools and social service agencies to support these individuals and their families.

Donald Berman Yaldei Developmental Centre (Regional: Montreal, QC)

Founded in 1997, Yaldei delivers community-based services using a family-centred approach and professional staff and leadership. They offer an early intervention program and a school integration program, as well as Camp Yaldei, where children and young adults with developmental disabilities can participate in the full range of activities one would expect to find in a summer camp.

York-Durham Aphasia Centre

The Centre provides group programs for adults with aphasia and related communication disorders after stroke, head injury or brain disease. Varied group sessions emphasize adapted communication strategies designed by speech language pathology and social work staff. Support to clients and caregivers regarding life changes is also provided.

YWCA Hamilton

Serving the community for 115 years, YWCA Hamilton is a leading, charitable, nonprofit, community organization providing high quality, affordable programs, social services, volunteer leadership and education for women and their families. The YWCA provides specialized and generic day programs, residential, supported independent living, and community homeshare support services for developmentally and physically disabled men and women.

Zajac Ranch for Children (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

Located on Stave Lake in Mission, BC, Zajac Ranch for Children provides summer medical camps to children living with chronic, life-threatening, and/or debilitating illnesses and disabilities. Ranch facilities are designed to be fully accessible for all children.

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