Hustle Talks Part 6

Here are this week’s Hustle Talk(s):

Responding to a crisis: Action Plan & Budget MUST DOs!

Guest Speaker Danielle Reese owner of Danielle’s SOS Bookkeeping Services Ltd
Topic: “Building a crisis reaction plan for your business & Crisis Household Budgeting”

Hey everyone thanks for joining us for Live Webinar: “Budgeting!”
This video is split in 2:
1st half of the video is “steps to build an action plan for your business to deal with a crisis situation”
2nd half of the video is about “creating a crisis budget for your family at home”

“I hope that you can find some sanity and some safety despite the world being a little drunk at the moment. This health crisis is real and difficult. BUT we must stand strong, think sensibly and have a little extra patience and understanding for those who are still working and attempting to offer as much as they can in the way of essential services. 

#Covid19awareness #covid19


Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Taxes, GST, Audits, Reviews & Engagements

Location: Edmonton Alberta

Serving Canada wide since 2014

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"By sharing your story you are helping the next generation and your peers overcome their fears and issues with body image and mental health."

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