My name is Danielle Pilon. I am the owner of Danielle’s SOS Bookkeeping, She Hustle Collective & Mom Accountant Talk Podcast.

I am much more than a business owner, I am I am however, much more than just a business owner, I am also a mother of two princesses Aila & Lavinnia, a wife, a writer, an educator, and a philanthropist. 

My journey to create She Hustle Collective and now She Hustle Collective Foundation stems back to 2015 when I was hit out of the blue by a stroke I didn’t see coming. Completely A-typical, it was one of those things that should never have happened, but never the less it did. I don’t need to go through all the details but suffice it to say it scared me more than I can put into words. Pre-stroke I recall being very confident and sure I could take on the world, and I can truly say even though I had some personal struggles to deal with I wasn’t really afraid of everything.

Flash forward to today and there’s a deep rooted uneasiness that lives inside me. When you sit with doctors and they tell you you are 80% more likely to have another stroke before the age of 30, because you were 24 when the first one happened, and no matter what you do there’s really nothing that can prevent you from having another one you get to make a decision. You get to choose between being paralyzed by fear and giving up or you can push through the fear and make the most of what you have. I wish I could say I never have bad days, but that’s simply not true. I do. But I also choose to have a lot of good days. My philosophy is one of perseverance. As a mother of two girls, the ideals of making sure they have access to resources and education to create the best lives for themselves and their families in the future are very near and dear to me.

My vision with She Hustle Collective Foundation is to create and facilitate a hub or resource center which will house a collection of like minded individuals and organization who collectively believe in supporting women of all ages on a global platform in the areas of Education, Business Ventures, and Community driven projects and events.

The foundation’s role will include securing monthly and annua donors who believe in our cause so we can provide:

  1. Business Capital to those wishing to start, develop, and expand their business ventures,
  2. Education Funding to those who are wanting to attend post secondary, trade schools or other institutions in pursuit of higher learning
  3. Community Support Funding for projects that bring together and help create processes and programs that benefit women

Our process will include a board of directors who will have a say in reviewing and screening applicants. Each area of focus will have requirements to allow those who are willing and determined to rise to be able to succeed and secure support to see their dreams become reality.

There is no bias to age or location. Our goal is seek out and search for women who’s passions burn bright and who’s determination and focus is unyielding.

Every recipient will be featured online and be given a chance to tell their story.

Since my stroke I have been determined and driven to leave a legacy for not only my daughters who are fortunate enough to live in Canada, but also for others who may not be so fortunate. I value work ethic, determination and passion. I believe in equal opportunity for all women no matter their background or heritage, color, creed, or religion. If you are going to change the world you simply have to ask for help and I am pleased to be able to create an open door for those who are looking for it.

Here’s to an amazing journey, and I thank each and everyone of you for believing in my dream and helping me be able to take that dream and share it with the world.

We want to personally thank you in advance for your donations!

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