Invest In Community

We’re dedicated to supporting girls in Community Support Projects.

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.” – Jean Vanier

A “Collective” means – “done by people acting as a group”. There is true power in numbers thus the creation and revolution we are setting out to create.

This branch of the foundation will focus on supporting the community vein of the global female collective movement. We will be looking to get involved as a sponsor and or showcase and help promote events, fundraisers, and other organizations and movements aimed at expanding the access women have to Business, Education and other community supports

Areas we will be focusing on:

  1. Events Sponsorship – For those who are running their own events and looking for a strong community partner
  2. Fundraisers – For those raising awareness for complementary projects and causes

How do you apply?

August 1, 2021 applications will start being accepted.

Keep an eye out for more information on the process coming soon!