Our Mission

“Our Mission isn’t to be successful, but rather to be valuable”

Started in January 2020, we are a small group with big goals. Our mission is to be able to build up and create a grand support network for women to access funds to support them in Business, Education & Community ventures. Our founders are women from all walks of life and all age groups.

We believe in diversity, equality of opportunity and empowerment through education, skill development and readily available access to resources.

We have created a rough timeline to help us demonstrate where the funds donated will be going and how they will be used. We believe in 100% transparency so all who contribute and all who benefit can feel belief and understanding in our ideals and processes.

Year 1 – 2020:

Collection of donations, advertising & resource gathering

Set up as “Not For Profit” Status with CRA, (we cannot legally give our charitable donation receipts yet).

What we are looking for:

-Donations: Goal in Year 1 – $50,000 +

-Community Partners who are willing to offer connections, resources, assist with writing content, sharing resources and also members who are wanting to become active affiliates of the organization

-Primary responsibilities include community outreach: helping us get our name out there, being liasons to organizations wishing to become donors to our foundation on a one time, monthly or annual basis

-Finding community involvement opportunities for us to participate in to ensure we as an organization are always giving back to our own communities and partners from day 1

Year – 2021:

Collection of donations (Ongoing)

Apply for and obtain Charitable Status with CRA – to be able to provide charitable contributions slips to our donors

August 1, 2021 – Open for applicants to apply to receive benefits through the organization

What we are looking for:

Secure annual and monthly donors: Goal $200,000/year +

Fulfill 50 applicant requests for funding

Hold our first annual event in appreciation of all donors and support organizations (seeking members to assist in event planning)

Continuing to extend our reach to beyond Canada into North America, and to a more global audience

Seeking expansion of chapters in other cities, and countries with ambassadors assisting in taking the organization further

Developing more partnerships with education, business and community groups and organizations to assist more women in acquiring easy access to resources to develop themselves, their businesses and their communities

We want to personally thank you in advance for your donations!

Find out How to Donate HERE