Co-Work Spaces

Co-working spaces

The Creative Hive – Not just a space… A Space to connect, create, and cowork. Plus there’s coffee and wifi! – (Edmonton AB Canada)

  • The Creative Hive is simply our passion.  Sounds corny, but hey it’s the truth.  We wanted to make a single place where all creative’s are welcome to explore their craft, hone their skills and collaborate naturally with other people navigating changing industries.  
  • First though…how?  We have both been in the media world for more than a decade.  A world that is changing faster than mainstream News can keep up to, but in the midst of it all we carved out a complete love for our community and the many people that jump in each day to make their dreams a reality.  We wanted to be a part of that!  We wanted to create a place that welcomes all the dreamers, doers, people putting Edmonton on the map.  
  • With small budgets and big plans we cleaned up and curated a special place unexpectedly found amongst all things industrial in West Edmonton.  It’s a space with a natural light studio, green screen room, workspace, meeting space and event space.
  • It’s a place that’s as eclectic as the businesses we hope will fill our space.  We want you to focus on what you do best and not worry about the overhead of a bricks and mortar building.  You are free to create, plan, succeed…we just supply you loads of free coffee, kick-ass wifi and a space that naturally lends to collaboration.  
  • Our first jobs were in the News…using video to tell stories, events, and moments.  We are now working to make The Creative Hive a place where stories are shared, moments made and community is created. 
  • The response to our dream has been overwhelming and we truly hope to start something uniquely Edmonton.